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My Story
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About us

The project Serole started in 2020 and embraces both music and literature.

The idea behind this project is to focus on music and fantasy books. The goal is to grow a fanbase out of the strings that art can touch.

I believe in the pureness of the art form.

Of course we all are aware that music and literature are a personal experience and the way that speaks to me is not the way that speaks to you. 

I'm a classically trained pianist and composer and a writer as a hobby. I've been a musician my entire life and I always listened to all genres, from opera to heavy metal. All the music I write is original. Every note I write has a meaning and I hope my music can touch souls.
About the books they have been a way to let the fantasy free to fly and a nice break from composing music.

Music is life and I express what my heart whispers to me.  
Let the music and books make your emotions flow… if you'd like to know more about my music and see the story behind the creations click the link below and let's start this journey...


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