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April 2022, working for you!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

WOW, time flies for sure!!!

My goal for 2022 was to post more often but of course things happened on the way and you get caught up with million things to do!!!

Months ago I was thinking: " Perfect, I have these new pieces scheduled until May 2022 I'm all set with new music to be released"…. yes, and guess what? May is arriving fast and furious!!

May 6th there will be the release of my new piece HYMNUM GLORIAE and please click here to presave it.

But what happened in this period?

This work as arttrepreneur ( yes, I just made it up!) is mostly about constant research of something that can appeal audiences and expend your audience and that's why I started a YouTube music channel producing videos of my music and lately focusing on piano version of my pieces adding some new ones and this project took a lot of time with recording, editing and searching for the best key words to be relevant in people researches.

It's tough because as much as I see all the tutorial videos it's just music and I'm not solving practical problems to people so to find the right formula is a little complicated, if one exists of course.

And even then, posting one video every week I saw time passing by...

So what's new coming up?

Well, because I created the piano videos exclusively for YouTube, I thought it was time to release them also on all stream platforms and I decided to make them as EPs' series called Piano's Tales.

The first volume will be available on June 14th and you can presave it at this LINK .

At this time there are 4 volumes in the oven and they'll come out every month.

Of course to overwhelm myself with more work I opened a second YouTube channel exclusively focusing on books. YES, BOOKS! and the channel is called L'Angolo del libro.

During these years I wrote couple of books, fiction books just to escape a bit from the daily routine and unleash the fantasy brain of mine and I wrote them in my native language that is italian and this is the reason why this channel is completely and fully in Italian. I apologize for the lack of english version, but if you want to learn the language it could be a good tool!

The first volume of the series L'Isola delle Montagne Gemelle is called Destino and it's now available on Amazon KDP as ebook format and on Youtube as audiobook with chapters uploaded daily.

This series is composed of three books, short novels sort of fast food books ☺️

The goal is to provide a listening, as an audiobook, to whom want to listen, daily, to all the chapters with subtitles in Italian so you can following along, especially if you'd be interested in learning the language.

What else?

I'll start writing new music pretty soon because as I said lots of time, the administrative part is annoying although necessary but these are the perks to be a one man band!

That's all folks for the moment!

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