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Do you want more reviews for your music?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Do you want more reviews for your music? Well who doesn't?

Do you want more recognition for your music? Of course!!!!

This blog post is inspired by the only comment I received by Rosemarie Fullerton aka 80smusicgirl ( thank you for your comment!) asking how to get more reviews.

Actually she mentioned in her comment a very interesting word: RECOGNITION!

A review by definition is a judgement or discussion of the quality of something. Review also means to go over a subject again as part of study or to look at something another time. It is a critique of something, a look at something's good and bad points.

An interesting research is also taking a look at the synonyms of the word review:

and the antonyms:

A little consideration checking this two pictures is that, in theory, to formulate a review you need to have a certain level of expertise that comes not only from experience but from knowledge as well: the fact that I listen to lots of guitar players doesn't make me a guitarist or an expert in guitar tecnique. And this goes straight to the antonyms of the word review: ignorance. Nothing bad with it, despite the fact that nowadays we all are expert in every topic that pops up because we want to be in line with what people want to hear, it's very difficult to admit that we are not able to know everything. For some reasons rather than admit that we don't know something we prefer to make up stories to justify something that we should most like be quiet about!

In my humble opinion, we live in a very narcissistic world where everybody is out for themselves with no or little care for other people. The most important thing is ME ME ME.... and if I help you or a cause it's because of what a great person I AM, ME... always me....

You can see this in social media in some disturbing videos where instead of helping other in trouble the main goal is to take out the phone and start filming in the hope to go viral. And who cares if the person filmed is getting rob or mugged.... To be less dramatic another example is people that contact you offering the idea to help each other and when you say ok they disappear after they collect their follower because they only want you to help them ( I already said this in a previous post! ).

So a little warning here is to think who is going to review your music.

Thinking about the galaxy of playlist curators, they are ok to review your music if you pay them or if you place their music in your playlist ( only if you have a certain amount of followers otherwise why bother?). Or they tell you " your music is not good enough " for their playlist without knowing your story or who you are.... and probably without listening any of your pieces...

I always say that when you are an affirmed artist chances are that if you burp in a microphone people consider it a masterpiece or a new frontier for art but if I do it I probably get banned.

So what competence these reviewers have to judge my music?

This is the big question.

Maybe they are even not musicians but only avid listeners of music and they cannot comprehend or be analytic about music at all BUT they are in the position to decide if your music is good or not because, kudos to them, they create that status for themselves.... but good or not according to what?

Taste is a very subjective thing and what is good for me might not be good for you....

I listen to lot of music and I still don't get it how some artists have tons of streams when they cannot sing in tune or they sound like they are having bad time in the restroom: but as I said it's a subjective take and some people can find it very inspiring.....

Of course there are situation where the skills of artists are undeniable or in which they earn their chance to be in front of million of people with good marketing strategy and persistency and we are all happy for it.

Time has changed things quite a lot for good and for bad.

First of all back in the days the technology was available for a bunch of people that had access to the needed tools. Now everybody has the technology in their hands and basically everybody can do everything. This is good because everyone should be able to express themselves but there is a little side effect: not everything that is out is high quality ( again, according to what? and who? )

Returning to the restroom example above: if that " tune " become viral is it the new standard? Apparently it is ( watching trending videos around the Net) and that translate in a lower standard, sending the message that if you want to be successful you better move your studio close to the shower.

Besides jokes, what makes something exceptional in my opinion is the rarity of one thing but at the same time we should be able to identify if something is really rare or if it's just a perception because if everything around is so mediocre that an average thing become fantastic.

Quick question to end this paragraph: do you really want to be reviewed by someone that maybe is not able to be objective about your music?

Now, about recognition...

By definition, recognition is the acknowledgment of something's existence.

So the first thing is that people need to know that you exist. And how do we achieve this?

We all know that when one thing become viral everybody jumps on that train ( call it trending topic or trending music) hoping to have exposure of their own art via the trend of the moment. But it's not always the case.

And don't ask me how to become viral because if I knew it I would have had implemented that strategy!

But of course we want to have the maximum exposure possible or at least make people aware that we exist.

This week I conducted a little experiment on my website and on one platform I use. I changed some keywords and work on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and to be honest I noticed an increase in the numbers of visits.

I'm inclined to believe that this is the organic way to let people know that you exist and more people know you, more people might share your music or promote you and in this way create the fanbase that can fuel your career.

It's a long run and it's understandable that having the Internet packed with successful stories we all want everything right now and patience is not the best virtue nowadays.

Funny enough in the moment I decided to write about this video on Youtube pops up telling how difficult and hard work and time and dedication are behind every project.... kind of scary... maybe computers can already read our minds.... if that's the case I'd like to have millions of people watching this video and reading this post and subscribe to my channel.

That's all for today!

See you next week!

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