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Happy 2022

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

And here we are: first day of this brand new 2022….

Let's start saying that in this past year I virtually met wonderful musicians and I wish them and all of you a fantastic 2022 rich in health, happiness and success.

Time flew by so fast that I forgot to make a post about my last release and in one week a new one is coming up… YES time is passing by very fast.

Lots of thoughts about this past year, considerations about music industry, people’s taste in music, role of social media and so on...

But in this 2022 let’s focus on the positive: we already know how difficult is to make it in the music industry and every industry so I’ll spare you all the “ oh the algorithm”, “ oh i don’t have many followers” , “oh I should have more streams”…. WHATEVER….

In this first post I’d like to keep you updated with my recent release Nostalgia and some news about this year that is going to be rich in music.. no worries I’ll keep it short!

I realized it’s way better for the spirit to focus on positive things: after all we can’t control what other people want and the best thing we can do is just to keep doing what we do with passion, love and being true to ourselves.

So straight to the point:

Coming up on January 7th the new single will come out Whispers in the Clouds: it will be released on all streaming platforms ( Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer,…..) and every month a new piece will be released. Don't forget to resave it right HERE!

On the YouTube front after 2 weeks of rest due to Christmas holidays ( and some technical difficulties that I couldn’t control! 🤷🏻‍♂️) I’ll start posting weekly the music videos of my production with a little surprise that I want to share here with you: piano versions of some pieces available only on YouTube at the moment and later this year on streaming platform as EP compiled in volumes…. more later about this...

I just thought that you might like just the piano version / arrangement rather than the instrumental and they’ll be put together as playlist as well so don’t forget to subscribe 😉

On the website front: I know I’ve been lazy and maybe I need a little boost knowing someone is reading it but you know what? I’ll use the blog posts mostly as a diary and I hope someone out there will enjoy it.

Plus the store will be updated with merchandise both digital ( like music and scores ) and gadgets, distributed by wonderful Print on Demand Printful and Printify and I invite you to check it out as soon as it will be online.

I think this is it for January 1st 2022!!!!

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