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Some updates never sent….

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Here we are… like 3 months later…. how much I love technology: I was going to release this post in the middle of January and today, ready to post another post I found this in the draft folder 🤦🏻‍♂️

So today you'll have double reading with some thoughts from the middle of January 2022 and updates in April in the next entry. 🙃

Drafted January 15th:

In the middle of writing new music I want to take the time to give you some updates!

Like most of the tutorials around say, the secret for a successful channel or brand is to try out and experiment different ways and see what sticks with people.

Like you see on TikTok or Instagram reels where everybody in cycles perform the trends of the week or of the months it's a little difficult and take longer time to create a fan base or convert views in subscribers if you don't do what everybody do.

Unless you already have an established name for yourself and a fan base that you can count on, in the name of testing the water you have to be creative approaching the way you present your content to people hoping they'll enjoy it and want more of what you do.

So I decided to release piano versions of my music exclusively on YouTube.

The idea behind this little change is to see how audience react to the solo versions of my music and making them follow what I play with the score scrolling during the video.

They'll still be weekly uploads and the pieces will be released on streaming platform lately in the year so don't waste your time and….

Ops…. here is the LINK

Plus this is a motivation to update my website with new merchandise that soon you'll find in the Store: here you will be able to find digital material like songs and piano score that will be uploaded as they come out on YouTube and merchandise to choose from as a nice present for your beloved ones.

Sweet and short and as I said a little update.


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