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This week is different

This week is a different week.

I"m aware no one cares how my week went so I want to try to help with the most underrating skill: LISTENING!

Just simple questions to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and it doesn't have to be a crying or dramatic post, you can also tell what your hopes are...

At the end I'll give a shout-out to a channel that I find ( until proved differently, hopefully never) very genuine and honest in supporting artists.

So here we are with two initial questions that you can answer:

- What are your struggles as independent artist?

- What are the main problems you face as a music producer?

Or just vent out about what are the frustration you are dealing.

As you can tell pretty brief post because I want to hear your voice, it's not about me it's about you!

The shout out I was talking about?

Nathan James Larsen: I'm subscribed to his channel on Youtube because I think he gives very knowledgable information about music production and yesterday I checked one video that I found very interesting...

Here it is:

Oh, I don't know Nathan and it's not a sponsored shout-out: just a genuine voice I support.

Looking forward to hear from you and I'll make a post about your comments. If none, well, I'll come go back to my tedious posts.

See you next week!!!

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