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Unveiling the Journey: Crafting 'Motivation' | Behind the Scene

Updated: Jan 4

And after the release of Inner Conversation I felt good and ready to write another piece.

I was very motivated and I thought " why don't I call the next piece Motivation?

Attracted by electronic music and by this voice inside telling me to write about goals, achievements and working hard I imagined myself in a gym ( at the time I was going daily!) pulling weights and be determined to finish every set I decided to do.

"Motivation" emerged from this very crossroads - a testament to perseverance, aspirations, and the undying spirit to conquer.

Note by note I was matching melody and harmony lines with instruments imagining to be standing at the cusp of accomplishment, the finish line in sight, yet a labyrinth of challenges lurking in the path ahead.

It was a very exciting journey because somehow, even if music is music, it was something far from my training, but something that I always felt inside of me.

Crafting the melody involved meticulous attention to detail, layering harmonies that echoed the emotional landscape intended. Each note was placed and meticulously chosen to narrate a story of resilience.

The process itself was an intricate dance between inspiration and execution.

But from the initial sparks of inspiration to the final harmonies that resonated, the creation of 'Motivation', like the previous piece, painted the path for the way I wanted to write music: it is not merely a bunch of melodies but a journey, a testimony to the creative process that encapsulates the soul of a composer.

It wasn’t just about creating music, it was about distilling an emotion, a sentiment that transcends mere notes on a staff. It aimed to evoke a visceral response, igniting the same drive and perseverance in the listeners. The hope is always to inspire the listeners and in this case the message was to not give up to your dreams and look and search for them relentlessly.

Most of the times when I write music I'm not sure if I write music to motivate who listen or to motivate myself to be better, using the music as a tool to express what words can't say enough.

Maybe for whoever reads this is just " words salad " but, honestly, I don't care: writing music and share my emotions is therapeutic for me and if you relate with these emotions that I describe I'm happy to be a good company and maybe make you feel better or give you the strength to pursue your goals.

In conclusion, 'Motivation' encapsulates the essence of overcoming obstacles and reaching the pinnacle of achievement through unwavering perseverance: hard work pays back, maybe not immediately but it will. We all need motivation because to see people having overnight success ( usually in our eyes not deserved 😉 ) make us want to scream WTF but reality is that we all have our own journey and we don't know what the other person went through or did to be in that place. If you are not there yet there's a reason and only time will have an answer.

In the meantime listen to Motivation ( #29 in this playlist ) until the next Behind the Scene post.

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