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Unveiling the Creation Process: Inner Conversation - My First Self-Produced Composition

Updated: Jan 4

The journey of creating music is a labyrinth of emotions, inspirations, and creative sparks that often remain veiled from the audience.

"Inner Conversation" marked my debut in self-producing a piece, and this goes back to 2020 when we all were forced to stay home.

This new adventure has been as exhilarating as it was challenging.

It all began sitting at the piano ( actually an electric piano that I got because I didn't want to deal with tuning, but I miss the sensation of a real piano under my finger, to be honest) and I just started thinking about all the emotions that were flowing in that period, being in a dark place where myriad of feelings converge, much like a tumultuous inner dialogue.

I felt like my mind was a canvas painted with a cacophony of emotions that echoed like an ensemble of voices. The confluence of these feelings birthed a desire to transmute this symphony of inner turmoil into a piece of music.

Creating "Inner Conversation" was an odyssey marked by new territories and uncharted waters for several reason.

Being classically trained with little exposure to " electronic music" I started learning from scratch how to use a DAW, how to mix and master ( long way to go) but trying to keep it very simple and pleasing to the ear, without looking for special effects or elaborated techniques.

The initial phase was marked by introspection, lots of thinking and at the same time writing the music, like the good old days, note by note, delving deep into the emotional spectrum that birthed the piece. Hours were spent deciphering the nuances of these inner voices, transmuting them into melodies that reflected the complexity of emotions experienced during that dark phase.

I don't want to say that it came out easily, I just immersed myself in the composition: time seemed to lose its significance, eclipsed by the fervor to encapsulate the essence of the feelings I was experiencing. The piece evolved gradually, each note an embodiment of the emotions that reverberated within.

It seemed I had so much inside that needed to come out and this first piece, being a big experiment for me, from start to end was both liberating and demanding. It involved not only composing but also maneuvering the technical intricacies of the music production.

The journey of creating "Inner Conversation" was an exploration of the depths of emotion and the transcendental power of music.

It unveiled a realm where inner turmoil metamorphosed into a symphony of emotions that I wasn't aware to have inside of me.

This piece represents not only a milestone but also a testament to the transformative power of self-expression through music.

When I finished and I was ready to upload it online I was nervous for the reaction I could receive but I learnt that music is a form of expression and probably not everybody will like it, we are human.

And as human beings we can only share the experience hoping that someone can relate with it and enjoy the journey.

But I was already thinking about the next piece I had in mind: in that period it felt like I could write one piece a day!!!

But that is for the next post 😊

See you next time for the next piece.

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