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A Tear on Your Face - Release October 1st 2021

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

A Tear on Your Face… release on all platforms October 1st 2021
A Tear on Your Face

New bunch of music coming out now monthly on all platforms… and this mean….. lots of work promoting the new release.

I might sound repetitive but I need to say it: writing, recording mixing a piece, at least for me it's the easy part… marketing it's another story!!!!

As you can tell from the cover above October 1st is the time for A Tear on Your Face and this release represent now the new marketing strategy I'm adopting this time.

After all my homework done collecting all the different options to imply before release date, this time I operated in a different way being aware of the obvious mistakes I did as a newbie: don't get too excited I'm probably making more mistakes but as I always say it's a learning process.

At the very beginning I got super excited about putting my work out in the world, desiring to share my art with everybody, without thinking that millions of songs are released every day in all platforms!

Long story short, I was pitching my songs on Spotify once a week...( first newbie mistake)... I didn't realize that doing that I didn't allow time to Spotify to consider my song that a new one was coming up with the new pitch to present, with the obvious consequence that no one had the time to check it. Always give more time in preparation, at least 3-4 weeks between releases!

This time I decided to act in a different way compared to the previous releases, having in front of me the music production of these past months: 8 original pieces, the piano versions of all the pieces written so far, plus the "chamber version" of some pieces.

Let me explain couple of things: when I started composing I was " feeling in my head" all the instruments so for me it seemed natural to write in the way but for some of them a version without drums nor percussion seemed appropriate and those are the " chamber versions".

For the piano versions I just wanted to show where my pieces came to life. And to be honest also testing the water about what people like: it could happen that listeners are more inclined to listen to piano solo rather than an entire band playing… the only way to know is to try different approaches... still experimenting!!!!

This time around I decided to release new pieces once a month so Spotify has all the sweet time to take a look at my music and during this period promoting them on social media via Pre - Save ( basically inviting people to save the piece and be notified when it's out, click on the green link to do so 😉), Reels on Instagram , Twitter and pitching it to Spotify time in advance, crossing my fingers that for any miracle could land on an editorial playlist….

This is the reason why I'm not posting much: my fingers are perpetually crossed 🤣

Back to the topic, of course I feel bad because in this period I'm going to bomb people with the crying person in the picture above but someone said if you don't speak no one will listen so I'm trying to speak LOUD AND CLEAR 😂

I'm very curious to see if this strategy will pay off!!! 🙏🏼

In the meantime I can tell you that from now until May once a month a new original piece will be unleashed in the wild.

As a preview, there are going to be some EPs coming out, not sure if in the middle of singles releases or after May. These will be: 1 EP "chamber version" with 6 pieces you already know, and 3 EPs "piano version" with name to be announced, divided in volumes with each 5-6 compositions with most of my production. I might, in the future, to release pieces in different versions adding volumes after volumes.

To add more things to do, I embarked in the YOUTUBE adventure creating a channel with most of my compositions as soundtrack telling the stories through images. At the moment it's empty because I'm working on video creations to schedule but this will be a subject for another post and I'll share with you the link to promptly subscribe 😉

Short and sweet… see you next time

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