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Awesome Sauce - Behind the Scene

Inspiration Strikes

It's funny how sometimes / often inspiration can come to you in a very unexpected way.

English is not my first language but I think I'm able to play with words especially when they sound similar in different language ( an example is one of my last releases A Slice of Cool for Breakfast ). That's how I came up with the title of this piece.

I was talking with a friend about American expressions / figurative speech and so on and I heard her saying " Awesome Sauce " that was a completely obscure expression for me. So I asked what that meant and she explained to me that it is used when you think that something is super cool or extremely good.

Somehow to hear it put a smile on my face, maybe because I already knew what I was going to do with. Right away I picture in my mind an hypothetical situation that could be super cool and before the music was creating I painted the story: a man packed with confidence and with a cool attitude entering a dance club with the goal to have an amazing night with the company of the people present there.

Women feel seduced, men feel intimidated but after a little bit it's obvious that the main character is there only to have good time and no harm for anyone.

The Composition Journey

I approached " Awesome Sauce " thinking about a genre, or at least trying to emulate it, that could inspire coolness and capture the atmosphere I was aiming for.

Don't forget that I was still in a moment that I wanted to explore different typologies but having in mind the mysterious person entering a ballroom I couldn't help but embrace a jazzy sassy vibe for this piece.

The flute at the beginning introduce our main character walking in, almost dancing, and it will be the instrument that during the development of the piece, points out all the movements that are taking place inside.

Piano and brass act like the live orchestra entertaining the guests and reacting to the flute that, like a magician, seems to spread magic glitter on the crowd that, after a first moment of disorientation for the new arrival, embrace the spirit and energy of this cool dude and feel the need to clap around to show off the excitement for the great turn that the evening has taken.

To be clear, I didn't try to reinvent the jazz wheel! I focused on the rhythmic bass line and on the conversation between the various instruments involved without following any rules just giving voice to the situation I was imagining.

"Awesome Sauce" unfolds as a narrative, carrying the listeners through moments of swagger, confidence, and a zest for life. Each musical element was meticulously placed to ensure a seamless flow, allowing the listener to experience the same feelings that inspired its creation.

Last but not least the cover of the single: as I said at the beginning the expression "Awesome Sauce" didn't mean much to me so, playing with the words, being a smart ass and loving to cook I came up with a vase of tomato sauce that belonging to the mediterranean kitchen can only be awesome.

Enjoy Awesome Sauce and be cool but always respectful and never arrogant.

See you in the next episode

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