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Behind the Scenes: Crafting 'Trip Trap' - Classical Music Meets Trap Inspiration

The idea for Trip Trap came from the thought of putting classical music and trap music in an explosive collision of two seemingly distant genres, creating an electrifying new sound.

Trap music is not familiar at all for me and I played quite a lot with my DAW but somehow while I was writing this piece I could hear in my mind what could be the final product.

Giving birth to "Trip Trap" was an attempt to blend the elegance of classical melodies using the familiar orchestral instruments with the dynamic beats of trap music.

Exploring the fusion of genres was something very stimulating and the idea to build a bridge to fill the gap between classical compositions and modern music trends was my personal challenge being trap music, as I said, out of my comfort zone.

At the end music is music and putting a label on top is mostly for the need of streaming platform that have to box it somewhere then anything else, the rest is personal taste, and as the process was going on I could see that the two world could live very well together.

Maybe for some purists of each genre is not true at all and they can't live in harmony but what can I say about it? Beauty of music: you can shape it as you wish.

The piano at the beginning had the job to give the rhythmic impulse to prepare the ground for the trap beats to make their entrance.

Flute and cello with their own dialogue, followed by the piano and the strings, were almost the witnesses of what was happening.

The interesting part for me while listening back what I composed was the sensation that despite the initial concern if the two world could coexist, there's an acceptance like we all are brother and sister and if we can just bring good time to the world we will always welcome partnership.

I imagined this encounter to be sort of psychedelic and that I'm pretty sure is well featured in the video that accompany Trip Trap and you can see it below, and that's the reason why I chose the cover of the single to be an old hippie van as a tribute to the magic 70s giving a classical twist.

Experimentation played a pivotal role but I was just going with the flow without thinking too much or expecting to create the next new innovative thing in the music industry.

I tried to keep everything simple and essential like it was a conversation between musicians from different countries trying to communicate to each other and finally find a common language that everybody can understand.

I heard once the expression KISS meaning " keep it simple stupid " and in general that's my approach to my compositions.

I've been told in the past that my music has too many layers, like it was a negative thing, but I understood the point that people were making: nowadays the level of attention is below zero and if I packed too many information people skip the track. Honestly it's not my problem if people want to think without their own brain and follow what they've been told. I personally took that observation as a compliment and in case someone is interested you could hear in my pieces and Trip Trap as well, that there are always different dialogues going on at the same time. The secret is to focus and pay attention and maybe that's my goal as musician, to challenge people to be different.

After all I come from the classical world and this little exposure to trap music was maybe an episode that I embraced. I always smile trying to rap on my pieces and I could hear that. Rappers I'm open to collaborations and with all musicians that would like to put music before trends.

See you in the next episode!

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