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Beyond the Waves: Crafting an Inspired Musical Journey

I consider Beyond the Waves the milestone where I abandoned for good the idea of "write what people wants ".

Some of you might tell me " ok, but none of your music went viral " and that's very true but guess what: I write music to express what I have inside and share it with whoever is receptive to the message I want to deliver or in tune with the emotions I'm describing.

I don't write to become rich and famous, I write for myself and feel better: somehow music is my therapist.

So this piece appeared in my mind in a moment where I was feeling nostalgic about home and made me think how we often take for granted things that we shouldn't.

Now I live far away from the ocean and thinking about what I used to do at a younger age made my fantasy fly, with a subtle veil of melancholy.

Standing in front of the ocean, feeling cuddled by the sound of the waves and the grandeur of nature, one experiences an indescribable embrace. The gentle breeze, like a comforting hand, caresses your face, urging you to take a deep, cleansing breath, inhaling the essence of these moments. It was amidst such tranquility and natural beauty that the inspiration for 'Beyond the Waves' was born.

As usual here is the piano version, as I like to say, where everything started...

The idea was really to make an initial statement in the first 8 bars like I was setting myself still in front of the ocean looking at the horizon.

The next step was to have a foundation with sextuplets giving almost the idea to be in 6/8 to give e a sense of floatation on the waves while being in 4/4.

As you might have noticed in my compositions I really enjoy having different instruments always chatting with each other and in Beyond the Waves it happens again with the piano and harp being the counterpart to the cello and flutes being the painters of this oceanic landscape. The instrumentation played a pivotal role in translating the essence of the ocean into sound. The strings, reminiscent of the constant movement of the waves, were complemented by the ethereal tones of woodwinds that captured the soothing whispers of the sea breeze. Layering these elements together was akin to painting a vivid sonic landscape, where each instrument played a crucial role in narrating the story.

The last statement where I thought that I won't ever take anything for granted especially the beauty of nature and the power it has to move emotions and feelings.

It's undeniable that Nature served as the ultimate muse throughout this journey. The memory of the hours spent observing the waves, the vivid sensation of seeing the ocean spray against the rocks, and absorbing the energy of the surroundings all fueled the creative process. It was a constant dialogue between the environment and the creative spirit, a dance where nature led and the music followed.

In conclusion, the creation of 'Beyond the Waves' was a heartfelt ode to the ocean's allure, a testament to the boundless inspiration nature offers to those willing to listen.

Enjoy this walk by the ocean and see you in the next episode

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