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Creating Walking on the Street | Behind the Scene

Updated: Jan 4

The Spark of Inspiration

In the midst of compositional fever after the first 3 scores I wrote, I was grabbing every possible idea to start a new piece and on a sunny day walking around in a park, I imagined how fun would be to describe in music a sunny day outside with all the people around me having their own story to tell.

It was a beautiful day, reminiscent of a scene from a movie, where everyone seemed animated, exuding joy and contentment. The laughter, conversations, and the sense of communal happiness: those were the elements that sparked the musical concept.

The scene resembled a modern day musical, where the city transformed into a stage, and people danced their way through life's rhythm. Imagine the streets transforming into a choreographed spectacle like something out of the "La La Land " movie. This imagery became the foundation for the music where each note aimed to highlight the vivacity and joy of that moment.

The Composition Process

Transforming inspiration into a tangible musical piece involved a meticulous yet thrilling process. Crafting "Walking on the Street" required diving into the essence of the scene, capturing its nuances, and transmuting them into melodies.

The first step was capturing the ambiance, the chatter, laughter, and the overall buzz of the street. This involved experimenting with different instruments and sounds, trying to replicate the cadence of conversations and the rhythm of footsteps.

Melodies began to emerge, reflecting the different personas and emotions of the people on the street. Each note was carefully chosen to convey a sense of movement and joy, echoing the liveliness of the moment. The composition process was fun for me, smiling at the idea to give voice to different characters I was visioned being on the street. I left to the brass the narrator voice interacting at the same time with other parts.

The beauty of composing music lies in its ability to transport listeners into different realms. "Walking on the Street" aims to do just that, to make the audience feel the warmth of the sun, hear the laughter echoing off the buildings, and sense the rhythm of the city.

Every element in the piece had the goal to recreate the vividness of that day. The hope is that listeners feel compelled to step into the music and experience the joyous dance of life portrayed within it.

For me at this point everything was brand new compared to what I used to do before. When I finished the piece and listen again and again I was kind of surprised to be able to write something like this. I'm aware now that it's not a masterpiece, BUT, at the moment I thought it was a great piece and I was ready and set to rewrite history.

While I'm writing this post I'm smiling because practicing and writing make it better as natural evolution of the things but now I can tell that it was a cute piece for the moment I wrote it.

At the end this piece left me with a smile on my face. Of course that's how I felt the music for that particular idea but I hope, while the listeners embrace this couple of minutes journey that they could feel the spirit behind this composition.

The funny story will be the next episode, meanwhile enjoy this Walking on the Street ( # 25 in this Spotify playlist: feel free to give it a like 😉 )

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