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Is this the world we created?

Oh Freddie, is this really the world we created? If it is we did a wonderful job 🤦🏻‍♂️

I could write for hours about this topic and already with my short entries few people are reading it could you imagine if I shared everything that is in my mind?

Sometimes every year at the end of the year I sound like a broken record: it feels like the considerations that come out are always the same.

I'm sorry if the title can sound like some sort of explosive news coming your way that could keep you glued to the screen eager to know what I have to say but I believe that if you feed negativity you get negativity so besides some objective considerations dressed with common sense, I try to see the bright side of this 2023 without getting into specific circumstances that after all would sound like gossip and nothing more.

I wrote and wrote again this post I don't know how many times debating if I should write a harsh entry complaining about what is not working but would that make me feel better or worse?

Probably worse because most of the things I could complain are out of my control so I took the decision to focus on the positive things that happened.

In this 2023 I have to say I tried to be very present on social media just to promote my work, both music and books, trying to please the algorithm with the goal to reach more people as possible.

I did it with good intention always supporting fellow musicians on the way because as an independent artist support is everything and I don't mind to do it at all: it's in my nature to help.

This got me frustrated the most: I curate some themed playlist and when you add someone the minimum I expect is that the person like and share the playlist he or she is in it. WRONG!

Most of the time neither a thank you and imagine if the stream it. I really don't get it: to be on a playlist and stream it should be a win win situation instead I realized most of the people are selfish and want only to receive and not give, even if it's beneficial for both parts. Sad.

On the other end I'm in some streaming playlists: same thing. I do my part streaming and some people that are in the same groups don't bother, they collect the benefits and thank you very much.

But there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

So after being tired of basically do the heavy lifting for other people I joined a great community of independent musicians that is all about support: NAS- New Artists Spotlight

As all the families there are always good situations and less good ones because of all the personalities involved, it's part of life. And that's a good thing because if everybody would be blindly supportive, it would not be a family but a cult and this community for sure is not one: just a genuine place where you can make great connections and share your music. There are rules to follow of course and that's great because it's important to have a structure. Maybe, like it happened to me, it can be frustrated to always give love and rarely receive it back but again, it's part of life and different personalities involved. After all we musicians have an ego and we always think we are better and we write better music that anyone else and there's nothing wrong with it. Probably a great mindset, and it's good for every context, is that in whichever community you are, don't take for granted that everybody will help you: in life you'll always find who aims to help someone else and someone else who is selfish and only expect to be supported without giving anything back. If you are in peace with this sentiment no worries, Karma will do the rest.

Overall it's a healthy group and I really recommend to be part of it. Bravo to Ed Eagle to create this space!!! JOIN IT!!! ( and tell that you know me 😉 )

In this 2023 I released 5 original pieces and wrote 10 more that I have to mix and master and considering the most of the time was taken by figuring out how to please the algorithm I consider it a success: not sure if it's a lot or not and the feeling that I could have done more is always present but it is what it is....

I'm proud of what I achieved in terms of streams and followers considering that I never paid for ads or bots or anything so all the numbers are purely organic. Of course it would be lovely to be on a fast track rather then " run like a turtle ' but I'm in for the long run and that what music is about.

I consider myself lucky to be able to do what I do: tough moments are part of the process and believe me I have lots of those, but what doesn't break you makes you stronger.

I found freedom and peace having this mindset. As I said sometimes the temptation to give up is huge because it doesn't seem fair but I love music too much and I can't other people affect my feeling for the art. Especially an algorithm that probably know nothing about music.

For the upcoming 2024 I'll have some decision to make: the 2023 I tried to be super present on social media and it's an immense job requesting lot of time. Honestly I'm not sure if it's worth it despite what everybody say that you need to have a social media presence but at what expense? I have no time to write new music as I want because the majority of the time is absorbed by playlists and creating content to reach a vast audience with results that don't justify the effort. We'll see...

I stop here before a gray cloud of pessimism, typical of a new year's Eve makes its appearance.

I want to wish all of you a 2024 rich in health, happiness, strength and love.

See you in January 2024

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