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Memories: The Journey of Crafting a Musical Composition | Behind the Scenes

Updated: Jan 4

As I said previously the first 10 pieces were very experimental for me and listening at Memories while I type, I smile a bit thinking about the engineering part of it ( mix and master). Considering that I self taught everything I feel good about it. After all practice make it better, especially if it is accompanied by a good dose of self criticism. And I'm the first and harsh critic of myself, usually never satisfied with the final product that can always be better.

Do you ever find yourself lost in a whirlwind of memories, each one carrying its own unique emotional weight? Memories have an uncanny ability to transport us to a different time and space, making us relive those moments as if they were happening right before our eyes.

This phenomenon was the catalyst behind my musical composition titled "Memories."

Exhilarated by the first two pieces my mind was going ten thousands miles per hour and probably the romantic side of me ( yes, I do have one!) started elaborating some kind of scenes to dig into, like a wishing well for new ideas.

I was very much into the use of electronic elements but without losing contact with m background so I just started thinking and thinking and thinking... and the music was there.

Interesting consideration is that when I have a thought, the music already paints itself in my mind with the appropriate instrument matched for the idea to deliver.

Sometimes it feels like a race against time to don't forget the melody line that pops in my mind and sometimes ( and this is funny) I use the phone to record a motif that days later, listening back, has no meaning or context.

Back to "Memories".

For some reason the color of the music was quite dark with keyboard and cello setting the tone of the piece, with then the flute introducing what will be the center melody.

The more I was writing the more layers I was founding and it looked more like all the instruments were sharing their own memories like in conversation among friends.

It was really fascinating to step back and listen what was coming to life and have a distinct sensation that every voice was speaking and at the same time listening to the others, commenting with their own inflections.

I remember some people told me that there were too many layers and it could be confusing for the listener, although it was a very good piece, but this comment made me smile because in my mind the goal was achieved.

I aimed to give life to the rollercoaster of emotions that memories often unleash, creating a musical landscape that resonates with the human experience.

As you immerse yourself in the harmonies of "Memories," may you find solace in the recognition that every note, every pause, echoes the profundity of your own life episodes. Embrace the emotions they evoke.

When memories arrive they can be clear but they can be confusing and overlapping and open so many doors that you have to stop thinking otherwise next step is a good aspirin.

I ended the piece closing the circle I opened at the beginning with a bittersweet taste in my mouth, not sure if all these memories were good ones or not.

As much as we want to detach ourself from the story I believe, being the person that " hold the pen to write " that there's always a personal journey behind every piece. Something that can be part of the same moment or period you are living and a past experience that resurface or something you've heard....

Wait.... that's the next piece 😉

In the meantime listen to Memories ( #30 in this playlist )

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