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New Online Challenge

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Yes, I created my own YouTube channel.


I'll tell you why…. keep reading here 😉

Yes, I changed my logo… I'll tell you why… keep reading here 😉


Serole - Music for body mind and spirit


YouTube Channel:

Here we are folks, it's been busy couple of weeks for sure.

After a lot of thinking and usual researching I got to the conclusion that I was missing something. I was too focused only on audio music platforms without thinking the most obvious thing: YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google (and I'm sure you already know YouTube is part of Google!).

I feel a little stupid that I didn't think about it earlier 🤦🏻‍♂️

Why I didn't think about this before?????

I didn't mean to add another task but it's a needed step to take to embrace a wider audience and what can I say…. What is done is done and now I have my YouTube channel

According to all the gurus out there, the point of any channel or social media is to " give a solution for someone problems" so I wondered which kind of problems I can solve for people…. well… maybe I can't solve practical problems like to fix a faucet or have the answers to how to make money online, but hopefully I can provide couple of minutes of relaxation or motivation or inspiration with my music as background to find the solution to those problems.

Maybe that's my purpose and service for the community…. after all is all about finding your niche...

The mission of this channel is to create videos that appeal ears, eyes and soul considering the nature of my music: I'd like to be a story teller that guides you through your emotions via my music with images, taking this journey together.

The subjects of each video can be different: they can embrace nature, food, dance…. it's just a way to express what's in the music with a different source of inspiration.

I already started composing some videos and the plan is to release them on a weekly basis. Once a good amount will be out I'll put them together in playlists to facilitate the research according to the mood and I can already tell you that there will be a section for piano only version of my pieces.

I know that my distributor already posted music videos let's say " by default", just the cover with the music, and you can find those in the Discography section of the channel, but I want to give a video testimony of what I was thinking while I wrote the music: very simple 🙂

A big help could be to like the videos 👍🏼, write a comment ( be nice!) and share my channel with your friends and family.

I'll put my energy to give you the best product to appeal your ears, your eyes and your soul!

I hope you enjoy the mission and the content of my YouTube channel and don't forget...

Clear? 😉


The Logo Story!

This part is not going to be revealing some big secrets behind the change of the logo.

Things are way simpler than they seem!

When I embarked in the social media trip, I wanted to create a brand logo that could represent me and I came up with one in a hurry because I wanted to be online asap so it was made fast and furious and I liked it!

It was cute, in my opinion, simple, putting together all the things that are part of my life: my love for music, the fact that I express myself through it and my instrument, the piano.

But as I went on, and now I'm in this adventure for more than a year, I stopped and I thought that maybe it was time for a makeover. After all it was made on the go and I still like the childish atmosphere in it. As an artist we all have this little kid inside.

Checking around I realized that if you want to brand your music the logo needs to be simple and straightforward to the point so I came up with the beloved keyboard surrounding in circle the name.

I thank my past logo that served me well getting my first 1k followers on my social media!!!

Ok, that's all folks! And in the next entry I'll share some news about my website…

Stay tuned!

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