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Night Out: Behind the Scenes of a Sensual Music Composition

Updated: Jan 4

Music has the power to transport us to different worlds, evoke emotions, and paint vivid scenes in our minds.

"Night Out" is one such musical creation with a sensory experience, drawing inspiration from a vivid moment, much like a dream brought to life.

Everything started talking with my cousin that is a very passionate tango dancer and yes, she's featured in the video you can see up here or, if you are reading the blog post, down below.

I asked her about tango music because my knowledge didn't go past Astor Piazzolla, that I adore, so she gave me several tracks to listen to and I decided to write a piece with that flavor in mind.

Unveiling the Inspiration

I imagined an exotic evening unfolding before the eyes, the air tinged with excitement and nature's symphony harmonizing with the lively chatter of people around. In this scene, a sensual dance takes center stage, sparked by an encounter between two individuals drawn to each other's energy.

The inspiration for "Night Out" struck amidst such a scenario, a moment where time seemed to stand still as a sensual dance take place under the night sky. The enchanting energy of the evening, the passionate exchange of glances, and the desire to prolong this fleeting yet magical experience served as the muse behind this composition.

The Creative Process

Being a pianist, everything starts from the piano so I wrote initially the piece for piano.

To give the music a dancing feeling I decided to write in 6/8 with the goal to have a sort of lullaby, floating barcarole sensation.

While my hands where flying on the keyboard I already knew this wasn't going to be a piano solo piece because too many voices were speaking and needed to be written down.

But to have a taste of where I came from here you can hear the piano version.

So a big part in writing this piece was the initial story behind it.

The piano is the narrator with strings being the cheerful crowd around the dancer and the person that stops his walk enchanted by her movements.

The flute is like the voice of the conscience that suggests to embrace the atmosphere that is permeating the scene.

Everything is a constant dialogue between instruments sharing their thoughts about what will happen between the dancer and the other person that got caught in this magic spell.

Immersing oneself in the ambiance that inspired the music was paramount. It was fun to recreate the vibrant energy and sensuality of the evening in musical notes, thinking to be like a painter on the top of the square observing the scene unfolding in front of me.

Translating emotions into melody was the natural step with every note and rhythm in "Night Out" holding a piece of the encountered emotions. The melody reflects the allure and passion of the dance, while the rhythm captures the pulsating energy of the crowd and the synchrony of the dancers.

Hopefully each listener will embark on a unique journey, experiencing the passionate dance, the vibrant energy, and the desire for an everlasting moment.

"Night Out" is a musical narrative that invites listeners to step into the scene, relive the passionate dance, and savor the essence of that enchanting evening.

I think this was one of the first experiments I had with YouTube as well and I hope you enjoy both versions: let me know in the comment.

And see you for the next episode.

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