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Thinkless - Behind the Scene

Updated: Jan 4

This one is going to be very quick and I'll tell you why.

I told you in the previous blog post that it was going to be a funny story: I'm not sure if it's going to be funny, but it might be interesting

Have you ever experienced a moment when you feel completely empty and you do nothing but wander aimlessly, wrapped in a blend of carefree abandon?

Well, maybe I sound a little dramatic but truth is that after writing down 4 pieces of music, the day that I felt like " and now what? " arrived, with my big surprise, because with the composing rhythm I was having I thought I could have produced 10 pieces in one week.

I thought that maybe I was experiencing a "composer block ", but fortunately I was wrong: I was just catching my breath, so to speak.

I know that usually creating music isn’t just about notes and melodies, it’s about capturing emotions, stories, and moments in time. But 'Thinkless' came out of the blue and in more or less 10 minutes I wrote " Thinkless " following this process:

- I put my hands on the keyboard

- I let them go as they wanted to

- I was just thinking about happy thoughts while moving my fingers and at the same time "singing" some rhythmic pattern, as the music was developing, simple and fun to put together.

- That was it.

From the keyboard to the DAW the step was short and in a day the music was finished.

I'm not bragging at all, I'm just sincerely sharing how it happened. I know I know probably you listen to the piece and say " well this is a piece of .... " but honestly there was no agenda about this composition: pure instinct.

There will be more considerations why I'm in peace with this song and it doesn't make me feel bad about it but I save it for another post.

The last thing to think was the title and because I didn't think much when I was playing I decided to call it " Thinkless " just because sometimes a spontaneous process can create something that can just put a smile on your face without pretending to be something that is not.

Next time you find yourself stuck just empty your mind , take your instrument of choice and start jamming without caring about anything. Let the music flow through you and let your thoughts have their voice. You might be surprised of the results.

After all we are lucky to make music and be able, nowadays, with the technology available, to share it to the world.

Not all the music you'll write will be a hit but I'm sure it will make you feel better about yourself because another goal will be achieved.

While you mediate about these deep words ( hahaha ) take a listen to " Thinkless " ( # 28 in this Spotify playlist that I encourage you to LIKE 😉 )

See you in the next episode.

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