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Father and Mother - The Inspiration behind | Composition process revealed

Music has an inexplicable way of capturing the essence of emotions, stories, and moments in a way that words often cannot.

And this is why I truly love about music: it captures a feeling in time and probably if I wrote now a piece with the same topic the music would be completely different, I'm sure about it.

So, how this piece saw the light?

Let's start with a full disclosure about the fact that I adore my parents: they've always been supportive of my activity, encourage me in my journey. They've been and are the shoulder to cry on and the first fans that celebrated successes.

When I decided to embark in this project considering the life event that stuck anyone in the house they had no questions about my abilities to make it and I trust their opinion because, as we say, the fruit doesn't fall away from the tree, meaning that if I'me very critical about myself, they don't " play parents " either, telling that everything is great even if it is not.

Having such a great relationship with no topic banned from conversations, it can happen that when there's a disagreement on something, usually due to having a bad day on one of the parts involved, the talk can become a little heated, but always respectful, after all they are my parents.

Oh I forgot to say that we talk every single day on Skype ( I know it's old but if it works fine why should I change it?) because they live in Europe and I live in United States.

Time passes fast and we are not getting younger and one day in particular we were having a conversation, I even don't remember what were talking about and the situation became a little tense.

I take my responsibilities that for sure I wasn't having a great day and every little thing irritated me. My parents were just in the crossfire so to speak. I could see that they were upset, especially my father, and I was upset too because overall it was all gratuitous, no real need to yell at anyone but as I said I was having a bad day and probably emotions can't be read very well through a video camera.

We still end up the conversation on good terms because that what we always do: love always wins!

I remember that as soon as we hang up I texted my parents apologizing for my behavior and of course what I've hear back was that there was no need to apologize because it can happen and we don't operate to stay angry with each other.

I went to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about it and that's why I said that tie passes and we don't get any younger: in a very dramatic moment I thought " what if that could be the last conversation with my parents? Would I be happy about it? "


So the next morning, considering that all the apologies have been spent already I felt that I had to get this emotions out of my system and I sit at the keyboard and a light breeze that was outside inspired what then became the percussive section with a latin vibe. But I was still at the piano and this is what resulted.

In the light of the consideration I made before falling asleep, the idea behind he piece was to be a perpetual apology I guess and the flute plays my part talking individually with my father first ( the one that was more upset by the conversation ) and then with my mother ( usually the peace maker). But instead it ended up being mostly a gift for them and for what they always have done for me.

It's easy to realize that the composition of "Father and Mother" was a deeply personal journey that echoed the profound love for my parents.

The process of creating this piece was about capturing the essence of a relationship that's both intense and beautifully complex. It started with a single excuse, a heated conversation, that translated in a simple and at the same time intense tribute for the overwhelming love for my parents that demanded to be expressed through music.

As I always say every and each listener have different reactions to music according to the experience they come from and I'm sure that for most people this piece will mean nothing because we are all different, and that's the beauty of life.

The most important message for me is that beneath the complexities, there is an unwavering, unconditional love that forms the bedrock of the parent-child bond.

While I was writing the piece instead of finding myself in a guilty trip, I found myself in such a different space, navigating through memories, moments, emotions that defined my relationship with my parents, and admiration for the unwavering support and love my parents have bestowed upon me.

As I said at the beginning, music is a vehicle to convey emotions that words often fail to encapsulate, a tribute to the depth of parental love and the unspoken bond shared between parents and their children.

In the end, "Father and Mother" for me it's not just a composition. It's a little present to them to thank them how they raised me, the principles they taught me, the unconditional love they always show me Again, I'm stuck because some emotions are too intricate for mere words, but I think you get the point.

Before I start tearing up, because I miss them a lot on a daily basis because I live in another continent, I leave you guys with the instrumental version.

See you in the next episode!

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