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Creating Storm - Composition Process & Inspiration| Behind the Scene

I was outside looking at the sky, the air was tingling with anticipation, charged with an electric energy that crackles across the sky. It was in this charged atmosphere, where nature's fury brews, that the inspiration for 'Storm' was born, a musical testament to the raw power and majestic chaos of nature's tempests.

Every composition holds within it a unique genesis, a journey from the ethereal realms of inspiration to the tangible notes that echo in the listener's soul. 'Storm' was no exception; its creation was a voyage into the heart of tumultuous beauty, a symphony of elemental forces rendered in musical form.

Of course I still was in my initial phase of experimenting with music trying to figure out how to express what I felt inside and put it on a sheet. Somehow the only thought I had was to produce music to see where it would have lead me.

The Mother Nature's event seemed the perfect ally for this purpose.

Interesting enough every time that I go back and listen to the music I wrote I don't have second thoughts about it: it captures what I was feeling in that moment and rarely I find myself thinking that I would have written the piece in a different way.

This is the beauty of music: it's unique according to the experience of the moment.

It's incredible how many things you can achieve with 7 notes!!!

The inception of 'Storm' didn't come easy. I wanted to sum in 3 minutes all the elements I could collect witnessing what was happening outside. The sky, pregnant with thunderheads, spoke volumes. The play of light and shadow, the orchestration of chaos, the anticipation of a crescendo that would reverberate through the skies.

The crescendo, a culmination of forces, mirrored the moment when the storm unleashes its full fury upon the world.

The composition wasn't merely about replicating nature's spectacle; it was about finding a delicate balance of dynamics, and an acute sensitivity to capture the ebb and flow of a storm's tempestuous moods.

From the haunting melodies that herald the storm's arrival to the thunderous percussion that mirrors its unrestrained might, each note was meticulously chosen, polished, and woven into the fabric of the composition.

The time invested in its creation wasn't just about writing music; it was about creating an emotional journey, an immersive experience that transcends mere auditory pleasure.

In conclusion, the genesis of 'Storm' was a labor of love, an ode to the untamed beauty of nature's fury. From the first sparks of inspiration drawn from darkening skies to the painstaking dedication in translating that inspiration into a symphony, this composition embodies the convergence of art and nature.

" Storm " gave me a chance also to create a video expressing this force of nature and I hope you can enjoy the visuals as well.

So, next time you listen to 'Storm,' close your eyes and let yourself be swept away on a journey through thunder and rain, through the tumultuous symphony of nature's fury.

See you next week for another episode!

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