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R & M: Composition inspired by a true story | Behind the Scene

Interesting how R & M came to life.

I was talking randomly about historic figures with my parents ( I really don't remember how we got there ) and we mentioned a couple of lovers that, allegedly, were executed because their clandestine relationship was detrimental to the court image. Of course it was archived like a homicide - suicide situation, at least this is what the rumors of the time said.

Inspired by this conversation, like the two lovers wanted me to give them peace for what happened to them, the inception of 'R & M' was born from an evocative example that painted a vivid picture: "Two lovers have been shot... in the afterlife he's looking for her, he's desperate and wants to find her. She's looking for him as well. They are so close but can't see each other until their hands touch and magically they are reunited forever."

So, considering the initial thought, I decided to start this composition with the execution. Two gunshots.

The oboe and the flute are the two principal actors in the story wearing the clothes of the two lovers with the oboe being the male and the flute the female character.

The strings and the piano are functionale to the scene: they paint the landscape where the action take place and, at the same time, they cheer for the lovers hoping they can find each other and be happy after such a tormented research.

Here is how I imagined the entire story and maybe the video will help you following how the story matched the music.

Finding himself in the afterlife R starts looking for M, exploring an unknown place with the only goal to find her… But it looks like a mission impossible The more he wanders around the sadder and frustrated he becomes But it doesn’t matter, his love for her is too big and he will never give up on the love of his life… NEVER… Tears of desperation fill up his eyes. Suddenly he can remember what happened to them and how life can be unfair. But there’s not time for crying… While he’s searching for his love, she appears, looking him and it seems they are walking in circles missing each other at every step… She has her moment of sadness and despair not be able to find him At the same time he feels that she might be closer and the both start screaming their names with the hope to be heard… Until, walking backwards their backs touch… They turn… they gaze in each other eyes while their hands entwine… In one moment the sadness disappears leaving place to the love that now permeates the atmosphere… Nothing matter now... The found each other… And it’s going to be forever… They’re smiling incredulous that they were able to find each other… They knew destiny had a plan for them to be together no matter how their lives ended… Their tears of joy highlight the emotions they’re going through…. It’s time to celebrate their eternal vows I Love you... I love you... Forever... Forever... You and me...

The task wasn't solely about composing notes: it was about embodying the emotions of longing, desperation and ultimate reunion through every chord progression, every nuanced melody.

Every passage in the piece mirrored the fervor of the protagonist's quest to reunite, every gentle melody echoed the tenderness of their connection, and every pause carried the weight of anticipation.

'R & M' was a labyrinth of emotions and at the same time a linear waterfall with the final commitment to translate this story into a music.

When I finished writing it, I had a smile on my face. Somehow I pictured the two lovers leaving hand in hand, turning and nodding to me as a thank you for this little present that I crafted with pleasure.

Every piece I write has a special place in my heart, I guess for artists every piece is like a child, but for some reasons that I can't explain this one opened up a deeper desire to explore more inside myself.

I like to think that " R & M " represents a crossroad, that planted the seed for a more introspective journey in my composing path. Maybe that's it: it was the first composition that started my developing phase.

But this is more for the next blog post.

See you next.

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