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Ninna: Musical Dreamscape Inspired by a Lullaby | Behind the Scenes

Music is often born from the depths of inspiration, woven with emotions and dreams. The creation of "Ninna" was a journey through the enchanting world of lullabies and the tender embrace of a dream.

The Birth of Inspiration

Being still at the beginning of my composing journey, of course I made my researches about what people wanted to hear and browsing around I saw that lullabies where a good topic to touch noticing so many playlists made for " babies to sleep ".

So I embark in this project.

I understand that it was a little cheap to write something just to get an audience but as I said I was at the beginning and soon I changed my attitude towards writing, but this will come later.

The genesis of "Ninna" was rooted in a simple yet profound moment: a child drifting into slumber while listening to an old story. I was captivated by the image of little animals cheering the dreams of the sleeping child, all while a carillon enveloped the room with its soothing melody.

The delicate balance between innocence and tranquility, the imagery of dreams taking flight, and the tender embrace of a lullaby guided the composition process.

As all my compositions it started from a piano version and while I was playing the different instruments started popping up in my mind.

Here is the piano version:

The heart of "Ninna" lay in crafting a melody a melody that could carry emotions, tell stories, and paint vivid landscapes within the listener's mind.

To give the idea of cuddling and dancing in the dreamland I wrote the piece in 3/4 thinking as main instruments the fiddle and the carillon, while the piano and cello give the piece the foundation to paint the composition. The flutes acts like counter voice, like they were the little animals on top of the crib swinging around hypnotically inducing a beautiful rest.

The idea was pretty clear and after hours of crafting "Ninna" emerged.

A musical dreamscape that echoed the innocence of childhood, the tranquility of a lullaby, and the boundless expanse of dreams.

Each note was a brushstroke painting a canvas of emotions.


The creation of "Ninna" was a journey through the realms of inspiration, emotion, and storytelling. It encapsulates the essence of a moment: a child falling asleep to an old story, wrapped in the enchantment of dreams.

Less than 2 minutes to have the little baby falling asleep: I guess a very nice dream.

As you listen to "Ninna," let it take you on a journey where every note resonates with the warmth of a lullaby and the depth of a dream.

Enjoy the final version and see you in the next episode

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