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Meeting You at Christmas - Behind the Scene

Meeting You at Christmas is the first of the second batch of 10 songs I wrote. Trying to be money savvy I decided to write at least 10 pieces at the time to have the opportunity to copyright them all at once ( if you check you can see there's this opportunity to copyright 10 pieces for one fee!).

Of course, being still at the beginning, I wanted to appeal Christmas playlists' curators and maybe hit the jackpot with a nice and fun Christmas piece like Mariah Carey did ( I know very humble of me, but don't we all aspire to write a piece that can go viral and set us up for the rest of our lives? ).

So in the booming presence of dating apps, I imagined how it could be to have a date during the holidays and the atmosphere is described in the video I put together. You can check it out down here.

So everything started thinking about a happy bass line, a glockenspiel to paint the falling snow and a piano telling the story while the strings are commenting among themselves what is happening.

As the winter breeze whispers through the air and the festive spirit envelops us in its warmth, there's a particular magic that hovers around the holiday season. It's a time when emotions are amplified, moments are cherished, and stories unfold.

"Meeting You at Christmas" was born keeping in mind a melodic narrative spun with notes that echo the sentiment of a first encounter during the most magical time of the year.

Picture this: the air thick with anticipation, the heart pounding with excitement and the hope that perhaps, this encounter might culminate into something miraculous, a Christmas miracle, if you will, with the hope that maybe, just maybe, this could be the beginning of something special.

Not that you need a miracle to get a date, but sometimes because of circumstances you do and all the help is welcome.

Meeting You at Christmas wants to tell the story of a first date, maybe with ice skating ring trip followed by a warm cocoa all in the festive spirit of the Holidays.

Of course there are questions about this encounter: will she/he like me? Will we feel chemistry and the pouncing heart in our chests?

Good questions with probably positive answers considering the joyful atmosphere that permeates the piece.

This what was meant to be: a fun, light, joyful piece that can bring a smile on the face, a lift in the soul and maybe a new partner by your side with whom you can listen to it.

I know that these descriptions feel short but at the end we all translate in emotions the music that we hear and as I said previously what we have inside doesn't need too many words.

Just let your imagination fly and maybe surfing the notes of Meeting You at Christmas you'll be able to visualize whatever you wish.

See you in the next episode.

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