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Stella Maria: a Soulful Prayer in Music | Behind the Scene

"Stella Maria," a heartfelt musical piece, was born in a moment of need that blossomed into a profound composition, resonating with a sense of hope and solace.

At the core of "Stella Maria" lies a need for comfort and strength.

Inspired by the profound depths of emotion, the composition process began from the words I wrote down, I might say it was my first attempt to write lyrics, a testament to the power of music in expressing sentiments that transcend words.

Creating "Stella Maria" was a personal experience, ok like all the pieces we write, but it wasn't an attempt to follow or create trends. I'm aware it's not a popular topic but as I always say I share my truth here and I'm not writing to have likes and hearts.

I consider myself a person of faith and when I feel down or doubtful about what I'm doing I seek comfort praying and I remember vividly how I started writing this piece and what I did was pretty simple.

I closed my eyes, I repeated the prayer I wrote, I smiled finding a nice breathing pace like looking for inspiration to match the words the I wrote with the music .

As soon as I put my hands on the keyboard the fingers started moving and I let them go... this was the first draw...

To stay true and sincere to the composition I didn't change much with the final result but I tried to have a little fun with the orchestration of the piece.

I think this is the only piece where I insert an electric guitar ( just a simple tune ) and probably the subtext for this was kind of ironic not being a guitar player at all, crying for help.

The flute has the main role being the voice of the prayer and if you read the words and sing along with the flute you have it!

Sometimes it's difficult to really express what are the elements that went through a composition: I believe that if you can explain with lots of details what and how you wrote something it means it was more thought in your mind that felt in your heart and that's the reason why I leave the music to speak for itself and invite my listeners to make their own journey offering them only a tool to dig inside them.

There's an inherent beauty in channeling emotions into melodies, in translating the unspoken into musical notes that resonate universally.

The heart of "Stella Maria" lies in its ability to connect with listeners on a visceral level, evoking emotions that transcend language barriers. Its creation wasn't confined to the confines of a studio.

It was a soulful journey, an exploration of vulnerability and strength intertwined.

"Stella Maria" it’s a musical prayer, a heartfelt plea, and a comforting embrace woven into notes and rhythms.

In conclusion, the creation of "Stella Maria" is a journey of emotions, inspiration, and dedication. Its essence lies not just in the musical notes but in the emotions that music can bring to surface and touch and heal souls.

As the final notes of "Stella Maria" resonate, may it continue to serve as a beacon of hope and solace for those who seek comfort in its melodies, echoing the sentiment that in our darkest moments, there's always a prayerful melody ready to soothe the soul.

Here is the video of " Stella Maria " hoping you can find comfort in the music and in the words...

See you in the next episode

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