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Thank you for being here...

Updated: May 3, 2023

First of all thank you very much to be part of this journey that I hope you'll find it interesting, funny ( or at least I'll try to make it funny) and inspiring!

It's always difficult to start a new adventure: lots of unknown, lots of researches, lots of study.

But I decided to do it following my heart and my love for music.

At the beginning of 2020 a new world started and this journey I embraced was a new world for me as well but, quoting Barney Stinson from the tv show How I Met Your Mother…

In February 2020 the world got shocked by the news of a new virus known as Covid 19 and my plans to travel got screwed up. I found myself basically confined home and I started writing tons of music like there was no tomorrow. I was and still consider myself a newbie because every day is a learning day and I was very excited at the thought that after all the work I put in I was going to share my music online and then enjoy the success. But the reality was a little different...

On a previous project I worked with a sound engineer and I tried to absorb all the possible knowledge to do everything by myself experimenting with plugins to get the sound that I wanted for my compositions. And this was the first obstacle to face: where to start all alone?

After spending a good amount of time watching tutorials I was inundated by millions of informations, all valuable, and then I got my first epiphany: all these videos that I watched were posted by people that, like me, started somewhere ( and maybe from a disadvantage position because they were probably the pioneers!) and they learned on-the-go making mistakes and processing all the datas as I was/am doing.

So after I understood ( and it's always a working progress, by the way!) more or less how to navigate in the jungle of mixing I thought: "I'm ready! I wrote the music, checked, I mixed and master my pieces, checked, I can put it online….Well….not really...

I realized that behind a song there are so many things to take care like sign with a PRO ( Performing Rights Organization), find a distributor, check other agencies that help you collect royalties worldwide, and of course copyright your music… not a walk in the park for someone that was starting from scratch...

I rolled my sleeves and I spent the first months after I had already written my music, doing my researches, smiling at original idea that music is the hardest thing in the process… But after all this administrative work I have to say, the desire to go back to the keyboard and write new music is always stronger.

This was just the beginning because after setting everything up there was and always is the promotion meaning: SOCIAL MEDIA and everything connected! Yes, remember the previous GiF were the head was exploding…...

So questions now were: which social media? which strategy? do I need a website? how many likes do I have to collect?…..and more…..

A never ending headache but I told myself: "I'm pretty sure everybody went through the same process, suck it up and keep going".

Now, months in the process I can tell it's not a walk in the park and I understand all the influencers that have their phones out, instagramming or twittering all day….

I'll go deeper in the next entries, I wanted just to say hello and welcome to the Blog!

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